What a difference a year makes! This time last year we were working for the fishing legend and tournament director, Captain Skip Smith. For 8 weeks, we flew back and forth to the Abacos to work for Skip’s Tournaments and The Custom Shootout - all of them being marlin tournaments. We worked behind the scenes with the occasional opportunity to ride along on one of the sport yachts in the tournament. However, our time consisted mostly of working the radio, tracking live results, registration, awards ceremonies and the set up and break down of each event. We also got to know many of the amazing captains and their crew.

This year, we were invited to fish in the second leg of Skip’s Abaco Diamond series, The Shootout. We were honored to represent Cabana, a 63’ Spencer with Captain Eddie Wheeler. The Cabana boat regularly travels and fishes in tournaments all over the map. We arrived in the Bahamas early with the intentions of pre-fishing on the Reel Life, a 62’ Viking out of Miami with Captain AJ Sepe. We have fished with AJ and his crew before, and it worked out that they were going to be there early as well. We teamed up and spent 3 days fishing before the official start of The Shootout. 

At the start of the tournament we took our place on the Cabana with Captain Eddie and his team, Topher and Jose. The Cabana is a well-known and respected boat and it's no secret that the Gale Force Twins are rather competitive. We went into this tournament with the intentions of winning. We have won our fair share of trophies and medals competing in track and field, however, winning a trophy on the water has been a goal of both of ours. Click here or click on the video below to watch us fish in The Shootout!


The Gale Force Twins

Captain Eddie Wheeler, Topher, Amanda, Emily, Jose, and Ryan

Captain Eddie Wheeler, Topher, Amanda, Emily, Jose, and Ryan