Big Permit on our Birthday!


Every year on our birthday a few things always remain the same. We have our own cakes, we sing happy birthday twice, and we spend it together. However, as we get older spending the day together has become more challenging.

Two years ago we spent our birthdays apart for the first time. Emily was still competing as a college athlete while Amanda retired from the sport due to an injury. April is always peak track season and we are usually competing in a major track meet. Emily had to travel, train, and compete on her own, while Amanda watched from the bleachers and traveled without the team.

This year we spent our birthdays with family on the mainland (in Miami, Fl) and out of the Florida Keys. The Sunday following we parted ways to enjoy some time on the water in different locations. Amanda fished in Miami while Emily fished out of Marathon, but in true twinning fashion we went and targeted the same species. Of course fishing in separate locations didn’t stop us from a friendly texting banter to see who could catch the bigger fish! Click here to watch us catch BIG permit on our 24th Birthday from over 100 miles apart!!


The Gale Force Twins