Behind the Scenes Cabo & Hatteras Yachts Fishing Shoot


We recently had the opportunity with Hatteras and Cabo Yachts to do a photoshoot for their upcoming advertisements and prints! We worked one day of this multi-day event. In the morning we were at the helm filming action shots while the second half we spent kite fishing for sailfish. It was truly an honor to be a part of this event and to work personally with the team at Hatteras and Cabo. Click here to watch our day from sunrise to sunset or keep scrolling to read more!

We were also excited to get to work with some very talented videographers, photographers, and producers such as, RSPhotoworks, JJSlater, and MFinMedia. Not mention the staff from Hatteras, from the marketing team to their captains and mates.

For the aerial shoot we had the privilege of running side by side at the helm of these impressive sport yachts, all the while being photographed by a helicopter which came just feet away from the riggers! Emily was on the 41 Cabo, Cabo Uno, while Amanda was on the 59 Hatteras, Hatterascal. Both boats offered comfortable dry rides and were designed to be fishing machines!

Cabo and Hatteras.JPG

For the afternoon shoot we were lucky enough to kite fish on the 41 Cabo while a slew of camera crew filmed all the action from the Hatterascal. The photographers even jumped in the water to capture different angles of the boat, including one of a sailfish we caught and brought to the stern!

An incredible amount of time, effort and expense goes into photoshoots like this one. Between all the film crew, helicopter pilot, captains and mates it takes a well organized team to pull off a production like this. We feel fortunate to have been a part of this event and are thankful to Hatteras and Cabo for allowing us to personally use some of the content as well.


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