Yellowtail Snapper Tournament!


Our original plan was to fish the deep reef for flag yellowtails using our favorite technique…oat balls! However, the conditions were less than ideal. The wind was blowing hard out of the southeast, making it a challenge to get out to the deeper water. Not to mention, the further we headed out the rougher it got. Upon our arrival at our deep reef spot, we were in the thick of the big rollers. The only other boat out there was a commercial fishing boat which made us realize just how crazy we were! We also knew that filming in four foot seas while at anchor might make our viewers a little sea sick, so we changed our plan and decided to fish a patch reef in around 30 feet of water.

Once closer inshore and in calmer water we set anchor and put the chum ring over the side. The snapper school came up to the boat almost immediately and the bite was on fire. Within minutes Amanda caught one yellowtail and Emily caught three! The sibling rivalry was on…we decided to set the GoPros up and have an in-house tournament - yellowtail snapper style! Click here or click the video below to watch us get competitive and see who wins the Gale Force Tournament!


The Gale Force Twins