Making Waves at the Miami Boat Show!


Each year in February, the Miami International Boat Show comes to town. If you love getting out on the water then this is your happy place. It’s a huge production and there is something for everyone to see. It’s the place where boat manufactures show off their latest models and newest marine technology. You can buy your safety gear, sun protection clothing, and visit talented marine artists. With nearly 1,400 boats on display and 100,000 attendees the show has a huge economic impact at $854 million! That’s more than two Super Bowls combined. The show also has a plethora of seminars, on-water training hosted by BoatUS, and a new Conservation Village hosted by Costa Sunglasses. There is plenty to see and do for all types of boaters and water enthusiasts alike.

To watch the our adventure at this years Miami International Boat show, click this link to watch the video or scroll down to keep reading!


We were fortunate to attend this year’s show with Take Me Fishing representing the increasing number of women getting out on the water. Take Me Fishing is a non-profit organization that has partnered with The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF). The RBFF is also a non-profit organization that strives to preserve and rebuild our country’s natural aquatic resources by boosting participation in recreational boating and fishing.

Did you know that in 2017, 45% of new anglers were women, and 42% of new anglers were youth ages 6 to 12? Stephanie Vatalaro, VP of Communications at RBFF, says that “New anglers are more likely to be young and female, but this isn’t reflected in advertisements, media and equipment. It’s no wonder that fewer than 20% of women and girls think a fishing participant looks like them. We’re working to change that and are challenging the industry to do the same.”

After hearing these statistics it’s no wonder Take Me Fishing has launched a new campaign called “Making Waves” to encourage all women and adventure-seekers to go out, enjoy the outdoors and create their next fishing adventure with their families, kids, and friends. We are honored to be a part of this campaign as we feel passionate about the industry and getting young boys and girls involved.

We also had time to stop by a few of our favorite booths to give you a small sample of what you can see at the Miami Boat Show. From fishing gear, lures, rods and reels the sportfishing tent has it all. We spent some time with Live Wire Tackle who craft all their high quality lures by hand. You can buy lures designed to catch specific species, or simply buy one of their trolling kits which comes with a collection of offshore lures for wahoo, mahi, sailfish, and marlin.


Aside from tackle, you will find marine products, boat and yacht manufactures, engines, and even art! We were very excited to spend time with one artist in particular. A fellow female in the industry, Kristen Cili, is a gifted artist as well as an angler and fisherman. We loved spending time talking to her about doing what she loves, both on and off the water. When she’s not spending time on the water, she spends her time drawing and painting many different species of fish. 


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