Welcome to Our Blog

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Many of you may know us as the twins from the University of Miami that worked on a 36' Sportfish, the Premium Time out of Key West. Running fishing charters on our off time during our final semesters of college was where we discovered this incredible industry.  While in school the two of us kept ourselves busy majoring in microbiology while training 20+ hours a week as pole vaulters on the track team. Between our passions for science, school, and sports, we spent our remaining time many miles offshore. 

After graduating college we worked a series of fishing tournaments, Skip's Tournaments & The Custom Shootout, in the Bahamas while contemplating what our next step was. When it really came down to it, we did what felt natural to us. We packed our bags and headed back down to the Florida Keys to pursue careers on the water!

So that's our story and welcome to our blog.  Anything can happen on the water and we have so many adventures worth sharing. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Please subscribe below and join us on our journey!


Captain Emily Gale & Captain Amanda Gale