This week’s blog post is dedicated to YOU! Captain Amanda and I get many questions on a regular basis. So we posted to both Instagram and Facebook asking you to ask us questions…and you did NOT disappoint! In this blog post I have written answers to our top 5 favorite questions but do not fret because we have made a video answering nearly everything. Click the video below to watch all of your questions get answered or scroll down to read some of my favorite’s.

  1. Q: What made you want to be captains?

    A: Becoming captains was not something we planned to do. It was truly something that both Amanda and I fell into. The first captain that we worked for was very encouraging with us. What we thought was going to be a summer job quickly turned into a passion which then turned into dedication to earning our licenses. After graduating college, Amanda and I sought jobs in the industry that has lead us to where we are right now as independent contractors for Two Conchs Sportfishing.

  2. Q: Can I come fishing with you?

    A: Absolutely!! Whether you want to catch your first yellowtail snapper, run 30 miles offshore for mahi, or enjoy a day hitting the wrecks for muttons we would love to have you onboard. Email us at galeforcefishing@galeforcefishing.com or contact Captain Jack Carlson at Two Conchs to request us and book a charter.

  3. Q: What’s your favorite knot to tie?

    A: My personal favorite knot is the uni. It’s a great multi-functional knot that you can use to tie braid to mono (double uni) or simply tie a hook to your leader (single uni).

  4. Q: How much chum do you use for yellowtail snapper?

    A: 1 to 2 bags an hour! Bottom line….never let the chum bag run empty. As soon as it starts to get low, add another block!

  5. Q: What’s your dream fishing destination?

    A: On the top of our bucket list, we want to go salmon fishing in Alaska! Amanda and I really love to travel and fish in new destinations. Some of our favorite places to fish are Hawaii, Costa Rica, and the Florida Keys but we would like to add to that list and fish in Panama and Australia.


Captain Emily Gale