One of the most common questions we are asked is “What’s it like to be a twin?” Our response is always the same, we look at each other and shrug our shoulders, “Well...we like it.” It’s not something we really think about because it's all we know. Being a twin seems very ordinary to us.  

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Most people find identical twins intriguing but no one really knows why. Perhaps it’s the doubling of a human or the secret bond that can only exist when you begin life at the exact same moment in time. My sister and I do feel one another’s emotions when we are physically apart. We interrupt each other mid-sentence and will continue the conversation back and forth as if we are sharing the same thoughts. Of course we each have our own brain but we seem to know what each other is going to say.  


What seems ordinary to us and not so ordinary to the world around us, we took the time to think about the question we get asked most often - What is it like to be a twin? We took pen to paper and wrote down the advantages and disadvantages. From always having someone to talk to, to having a built-in adventure buddy, we absolutely love it. Although, there are many more benefits to being a twin, we have definitely had some not-so-great experiences. Accused of cheating? Yes, that happened - more than once!

Either way, we have loved growing up together and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. From each other’s number one fans to having a built-in support system, it is so special to get to grow up with someone that truly knows just how you tick. It has been one of life’s greatest blessings to get to stand side-by-side in whatever life brings us. Whether that’s a tough year in life, or making memories that will last a life time, we wouldn’t trade it for the world!


The Gale Force Twins