Hook & Cook: Deep Fried Wahoo Bites!

hook&cook deep fried wahoo bites.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We want to take the time to thank each of you for being part of our journey. Some of you have followed us since our days on the Premium Time and some of you may be new; whenever you joined, we appreciate the fact that you are HERE! We are thankful for all of our followers and the many opportunities that we have been given.


Although our thanksgiving dinner will be as traditional as it gets with a home cooked turkey, we had some fun today preparing a fish fry! There is nothing quite as rewarding as fighting the fish and putting it on your plate all on your own. We put together a video for you to watch how we deep fried our wahoo bites and lane snapper fillets.

CLICK HERE to watch our YouTube video where we cook and taste test our delicious fish bites! We also added our fish fry products at the bottom of this post. Feel free to bookmark this blog for the next time you are ready to deep fry some fish! We hope you have a joyful thanksgiving and holiday season filled with family, friends, and good food!


The Gale Force Twins

Our Kitchen Cabinet:

Waring Pro Deep Fryer (1 Gallon)


Crisco Frying Oil Blend


House Autry Beer Batter Fish Fry Mix